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From 2014 onwards LEIYON company has been working on "intelligent robot" for the formation of R & D work. In June 11, 2015, LEIYON and "Guangdong University of Technology" signed "intelligent robot" project contract, set up R & D center and engineering company, LEIYON held a formal signing ceremony in the comapny. The company's intelligent robot R & D Engineering Center, a total of 16 scientific and technical personnel, of which there are 6 doctoral degree of science and technology personnel. R & D area of 300 square meters, in the use of research facilities, equipment, equipment and software for the acquisition of a total of 2.74 million RMB.

LEIYON company focus on development of electronic products, electronic hardware and software,cover a wide range of home audio and video products, satellite receivers and other electronic entertainment products, Company’s trademark “LEIYON” has been register in 103 contries worldwide.