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Miro, as an independent brand of LEIYON, is expected to bring consumers novel, unique, or specialized products and services.

MIRO PB25S Portable Speaker with Immersive Sound Experience

Delicate Sound Quality, Immersive Deep Bass
Let you fully enjoy the power of music. MIRO PB25S portable speaker brings you exceptional sound quality that touches your heartstrings with every song. Built-in advanced audio technology restores details and enriches the emotions between the music. The deep and powerful bass presents a real and immersive audio experience.

Transparent Sound, Clear and Three-dimensional
Feeling like being in a live concert. MIRO PB25S adopts the latest acoustic technology to ensure accurate transmission of audio sources, allowing you to feel the charm of music as if you were there. Meticulous mid-range, clear and transparent high tones, coupled with unique stereo sound effects, will bring you an unimaginable audio feast.

Convenient Portability at Your Will
Take your music on the go. MIRO PB25S speaker is compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry. Whether for outdoor activities, travel, or at home, music will be your loyal companion. No need to worry about heavy burdens, allowing you to enjoy wonderful music and endless fun anytime, anywhere.

IPX5 Waterproof Level, Entertainment Protected
Unrestrained by sweat and rain. MIRO PB25S has an IPX5 waterproof function, which not only withstands rain showers but also resists sweat infiltration. Whether indoors or outdoors, even during intense exercises or hot weather, you can enjoy high-quality music without any worries.

Long Battery Life, Uninterrupted Music
Fully indulge in the joy of music. MIRO PB25S has a built-in high-performance battery that provides up to 10 hours of playback time, allowing you to immerse yourself in the ocean of music. No frequent charging required, you can enjoy your favorite songs without interruption and extend the music to farther places.

Let MIRO PB25S portable speaker accompany your life and enjoy endless musical pleasure. Whether it’s outdoor adventures or indoor relaxation, it will become your indispensable music companion. Bring it home, let the beautiful sound fill every corner, and bring more joy and enjoyment. Experience the audio miracle brought by MIRO PB25S to the fullest!